Cerise light across this city – a little poem about my hometown

Cerise light across this city

Dusk brings an eerie glow

Dorado peach hues softening

echoes of revelry.

Apricot, karaka, saffron hues

gleam on the tidal prism

A mother’s milk of muddy silt –

home of mudcrab, sprat and dingy.

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Finally finished… 23 months in the making

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Green Jelly

Last nigh I dreamt of green jelly, swollen firm and rectangular in its plastic sheath.  I left it in a box, for a man who might claim it.  I can’t tell you why this was.  I found a scratch card, that was for chess.  he had already found the fastest route to the end.  My dreams of claiming a non-existent prize on a non paying card – rain soaked for some inexplicable reason – were dashed.

This all mills around in my mind whilst hopefully real concerns are being processed.  I am mostly unemployed.  Trying desperately to find work.  Constant rejection is starting to have a toll.  Art seems to fall away when a numb, dejected sadness takes over.

I truly hope that dreams of green jelly have a useful purpose as summer arrives, and I am still mostly unemployed, and sad, but vaguely hopeful.

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Daisy warfare

A patch grassland covered with daisies.

A patch grassland covered with daisies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was the true first day of summer – in my estimation.

I read, an actual paper book, whilst ants took residence in the blanket on the ground that was intended just for me.

It was sunny.  I got warm.  There was sunscreen.  The cat appeared.

We found that daisies had taken over a large patch of lawn.  We visited.

Suli was playful, attacked unconscious weeds.  I teased him further with pulled daisies.

It gave a whiff of summer to come, and and echo of summers been.

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Introverts are awesome. really

On a day when socialising is completely out of the question, and I’ve just slept for 16 hours after being overloaded by being around people, and I just want to stay in my house and cook, blog and read,  a big thanks to The Pastry Box Project http://the-pastry-box-project.net/chris-coyier/2013-april-3/ for reminding me that its good to be an introvert.  It doesn’t mean I’m always shy, or quiet, in fact most of the time I’m not.  But it does mean that it’s ok to need this down time.

Big introverted hugs to all of you out there having a quiet day. You are not alone.  (although you are right at this moment)

x Bree

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Building Blocks

DSCF2383Print and collage on archival cotton rag. This one was made for Mairtown Kindergarten’s fundraising art auction. Looking forward to it.

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No more no more

I have made the careful decision to no longer apologise for the months where I am not communicating to you.  You are not my keepers, rather this is my path to expression.  Freedom breeds expression – not a sense of obligation.

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